5 Practical Topics About Notion Template Pages Fundamentals

Notion Template Pages are the default page structure created when you make a new page on a Notion Database. This is a critical topic because it is crucial to improve productivity in Notion, as you will see in the below sections of this article.

 What is a Notion Template Page?

Each Notion Databases you create can have some Notion Template Pages associated with it. The primary role of a Notion Template Page is to provide a Template for the pages inside a Notion Database that are useful for that Notion Database, and you get the following benefits:

  • Uniformed: All the pages inside the Notion Database are created with the same look & feel, structure, and sections that you need for each of the items in your database
  • Quick: As this template is provided by default, this is already provided, and you can focus on just adding the content to the Notion Page itself directly, and no need to pay attention to creating the structure.
  • Flexibility: As you can have several templates for the same Notion Database, you can, depending on the item you would like to add, define different templates that provide flexibility to the content without needing to create it by hand each time you need it.

How You Can Create a Notion Page Template?

Creating a Notion Page Template is so easy as you need to click on the Create new template option that is provided in the same menu where you can add a new page to your Notion Database, as you can see in the picture below:

5 Practical Topics About Notion Template Pages Fundamentals

Once you click that, you have an empty new page in front of you with a specific banner that says that you are editing and creating a template, as you can see in the picture above:

5 Practical Topics About Notion Template Pages Fundamentals

At this moment, you can start creating the default structure for the template, adding any section you need when editing an average Notion Page. There is no difference in that.

What are the main Characteristics of the Notion Template Page?

Notion Page Templates are linked to a specific Notion Database, so you can have different notion page templates in the same notion database. Still, each of them will be connected to a single notion database. So, in the end, this is a 1-n relationship between the Notion Database and the Notion Template Page.

Each existing template can be edited as many times as you would like, but those changes would only be reflected on the new pages you have created using that template since that moment. So, all the existing pages that were created using that template in the past will continue to have the same structure as they have.

 How To Select a Default Notion Template Page?

When you have different templates, you can select one of them as the DEFAULT one. That means that if you want to create a new page by clicking the blue New button directly, it will use that default template to be provided in front of you.

Again, this is a crucial topic for productivity, and that’s why it is essential to have a well-defined DEFAULT template for your Notion Database because it will click at least one click each time that you create a Notion Item. You can think that a new click and additional pop-up will only take 5 seconds from the overall time you are working with the tool. But if you think the average number of pages counting all notion databases could be thousands a year, 5 seconds times thousands are several hours you lose just because of this.

To select a DEFAULT Notion Page Template, you will do it similar to Edit the template, but in the right-click menu, you will choose the option “Set as default” instead of Edit, as you can see in the picture below:

5 Practical Topics About Notion Template Pages Fundamentals

How Many Default Notion Template Pages Can Be defined?

You can select one Default Notion Template Page for each View of the Notion Database. If you remember, we already covered the available Notion Database Views so that you can select a separate template for each of the views or a single template for all the views. This is your choice, and that is why each time you choose a new Notion Template Page, a will appear a pop-up asking if you want to define it only for the current view you have active at that moment or all the other views as well as you can see in the picture below:

5 Practical Topics About Notion Template Pages Fundamentals