Notion Shortcuts: Productivity Unleashed For Your Daily Work!

Notion Shortcuts is the base for reaching a productivity rate unimaged!

Notion is an excellent tool for productivity that is getting a lot of traction, and the number of users is growing a lot. It provides a lot of things to be more productive.

Notion Shortcuts: Tips to Improve Your Productivity
Notion Shortcuts: Tips To Improve Your Productivity

But as productive-obsessed people, you probably are looking for a way to be even more productive using the tool. Today, I’m bringing that option to be much more effective: shortcuts.

From the early computer days, shortcuts have become the way to get incredible productivity for any application that you have open on your laptop. The main reason is apparent; you are always faster with the keyboard than with any other peripherical such as the mouse. But, in this case, this is even more important. As you are creating content, you are already typing things, so this mode will allow you to do what you need without moving any of your hands away from your content. This will also help you keep you focused on the right task, which is creating content.

Let’s walk with me to see the notion shortcuts that I used the most!

 Main shortcuts

This is the set of shortcuts that you will use the most to be able to move across your content quickly, create new pages, and so on. Here there are the ones that I used the most:

  • Press cmd/ctrl + N to create a new page (desktop apps only).
  • Press cmd/ctrl + shift + N or use cmd/ctrl + click to open a new Notion window.
  • Press cmd/ctrl + P to open a search or jump to a recently viewed page.

Writing shortcuts

Another basic set of shortcuts is the ones you will use when writing and generating content on the page. As you probably know, Notion provides a set of shortcuts aligned with the Markdown syntaxis to simplify the tool’s adoption, providing a very productive way to generate content while getting a live rendering in a good look and feel as you go. Here is the list of the most used ones:


This set of shortcuts will allow you to define the headings in your notion pages quickly:

  • Type # followed by space to create an H1 heading.
  • Type ## followed by space to create an H2 sub-heading.
  • Type ### followed by space to create an H3 sub-heading.

Style Writing

This set of shortcuts will allow you to quickly change the styling of your content without needing to reach your mouse at all. Let’s see the list.

  • Type to create a to-do checkbox. (There\’s no space in between.)
  • Type 1., a., or i. followed by space to create a numbered list.
  • Type ** on either side of your text to bold.
  • Type * on either side of your text to italicize.
  • Type “` on either side of your text to create inline code. (That\’s the symbol to the left of your one key.).

Moving shortcuts

Other sets of shortcuts are the ones that we will use to be able to move content across your pages:

  • Press cmd/ctrl + a once to select the block your cursor is in.
  • Press cmd/ctrl + D to duplicate the selected blocks.
  • Press cmd/ctrl + / to edit or change one or more selected blocks.
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + arrow keys to move a selected block around.

One shortcut to rule them all

Finally, we have the shortcut that allows you to launch almost anything that is the / shortcut. Once you have typed the /, you will have a contextual menu where you can select the option that you need, as you can see in the picture below:

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What else?

If you think that’s not enough and you already have included all these shortcuts in your creation lifecycle, and you would like to move forward, here you have even more shortcuts from the official notion page: