Notion Privacy: How Private Are Your Notes?

Notion Privacy is one of the main concerns most people have when they started to use notion as a daily tool or even on a regular basis. The main reason for that is because you are putting so important information there that any undesired access to that information could lead to some concern for your private information or if you are using it for professional duties can affect also your income sources as well. And that’s why Notion Privacy is one of the most relevant points for the NotionHQ team when they are building the app or releasing new features.

Notion Privacy Basics

You can access your pages in different ways, the most usual ones by the App that can be on your desktop or mobile phone or similar kind of device.

Another option is to use directly your browser to have access to the same information. Also, this information is only presented to you as you are required to log in first to the platform before you can see any amount of data.

So that makes it similar to any other SaaS tool such as Office 365, Google Docs, Gmail, or similar kinds of tools that probably you are using on a daily basis for your life both personal and professional duties.

Notion Privacy when Sharing

One important thing you need to be aware of is that each of the Notion Pages has a link that you can use to access directly to that page in particular. You can see the link to that page by clicking on the share button that you have on the top right of your page and then on the copy link as shown in the picture below:

Notion Privacy: Copy Link

By default when you click on that button you will see the reminder that is shown in the picture above telling you that only you can access that page. So even if you distribute that link or somebody gets access somehow to that link it will not be useful to reach access to the content, so again the notion of privacy is respected even at that level.

But there are some times that you want to really share that page with another Notion user, and you can also do that in a way that only the person that you want reaches access to that, and this can be done also in the same Share menu shown before. You can reference the account mainly by its mail or its user account name.

Also when doing that you can select the kind of rights each of the people can have to get even a richer fine-grained permission capability. The permission that is available are the following ones:

  • Full access: Only available with a PRO account which means that the user can edit and also share with others as needed.
  • Can edit: It means that the user can edit all the content of the page
  • Can edit content: Can edit the page, but just the content without changing the structure of the databases or its views.
  • Can comment: Can view the content of the page and also add comments, but it can’t do more edits on the page
  • Can view: This is the lowest access level and you can only see the content of the page.

Notion Privacy when Internet Publicly

There are some times that you want some page to be completely open because this will be a web page or just some content that needs to be available to everyone. In that case, all modifications to the content will be restricted but anyone without having a Notion Account will be able to reach access to the content.

To do that you need to select on the Share section the toggle that says ‘Share to web’. This will show the link that will have all the content available as shown in the picture below:

Notion Privacy: Share to web

And then you can select also the options for configuring the kind of access it will have. And you will have the following options:

  • Allow editing.
  • Allow comments.
  • Allow duplicate as template.
  • Search engine indexing: Only available in you have a PRO Account.

All the webpages published will be under the domain and the subdomain will always be the same for any page you share yourself and you can configure it in your preferred setting view:

Notion Privacy: Domain view and change

 Notion Privacy Summary

I hope this article will help you in two different ways, first of all, so you can understand how privacy is managed for all the content you have in notion, and in second place to have confidence that the team ensures the confidentiality of your data. And be sure you can read more articles on this topic in the site