Notion for Project Management: Top 3 Tips To Master It!


Notion for Project Management is one of the main usages people provide to Notion on their initial steps using the tool, that explains why there are lot of documentation regarding this topic from the Official web pages directly to blog posts and articles covering the topic and even templates available to have a starting point on managing your project using notion.

This article will be a little bit different as we are going to try to provide a holistic view of this aspect, starting from the beginning that is what are the different perspectives you can consider when you think about using notion for project management, to help you decide which ones (if any or if all of them) you would like to manage using the tool and what is the best way you can manage that using the Notion tool.

Notion for Project Management Perspectives

There are different views on what Notion for project management means. That is because that depends on the perspective that you have in your mind when you talk about project management. For some of the people and I will include here the official documentation of Notion, project management covers pretty much task management when you have a set of tasks that belongs to your project and you would like to manage those tasks as part of the progress of your tasks will ensure the progress of your project.

In the other hand, there are other people that try to think more in a milestone approach when you have different tasks or group of tasks that need to be done before some date and you have also dependencies between them, blockers, resources assigned, and so on, and here is where some artifacts such as Grant’s Charts are coming to help us on that.

Notion for Project Management as Task Management

As commented here is where the majority of the information would be focused, on how to create your databases and provide based on that an easy view to manage the progress of those tasks. Here is where we can provide the following tips to improve this perspective of using notion for project management:

Notion for Project Management: Task Management View
  • Use the Board View on your Databases to provide the Kanban approach especially if your project is been managed or you would like to manage it using an Agile Approach.
  • Use the new Status property type to define the workflow steps that match your project
  • Make use of all the recently released capabilities to provide all relevant info to your cards so at glance you can see all the aspects relevant to a specific task and not only the status and the name.

Notion for Project Management as Milestone Management

As commented here is where there is little to no information on this topic because, with the rise of the Agile paradigms for project management all the traditional views of milestones, phases, and global progress are not so used especially in the kind the environments that are using Notion for Project Management, but I am from the opinion that each specific project requires a specific kind of management so it is better if all of them can fit in the technology that you are using. Here there is my recommendation on that approach:

Notion for Project Management: Project View
  • Use the Timeline view to show the different parts of your project similar to a Gantt view as you can see in the picture above
  • Use two databases one for the phases of the project that will be part of the Timeline view and another for the tasks that will be related to each of the phases to this task that needs to be committed.
  • Use a relationship property between both databases to have it all together on the same page

Notion for Project Management: Templates

Even though my personal recommendation is that you need to create your own template to adapt based on the tips provided above and your specific needs and expectations to make sure the workflow is aligned to the template, there are good templates out there that you can try at the first step to see how they feel in your process. Here a list of the ones I recommend:

  • Roadmap View: You can find it on the default templates in Notion and it is good for managing the tasks of a Roadmap of a project or product but much oriented on task management that the project perspective:
Notion for Project Management: Top 3 Tips To Master It! | Screenshot20220904194923@2x
  • Project Management: Also available on the default template gallery from the official page, it covers much more exhaustive view of a Project Management, but maybe much more focus on very big projects rather than small ones. Because the kind of information you need to fill can be seen as excessive for small projects:
Notion for Project Management: Top 3 Tips To Master It! | Screenshot20220904195239@2x