4 Things You Need To Know About Notion Database Views To Succeed


Notion Database Views are critical for your success using Notion. We all know that Notion Databases is the core of our whole system. All the work that we are going to do, how well structured it is, and all the benefits that we can get will come from the Notion Databases that we have defined, and that makes the Notion Database Views a critical topic to focus on when you are expressing your Notion workspace.

Notion Database View is the visual representation of the information we have added to the database. We have several to choose from and select the ones that work best for our scenario.

Notion Database Views Types

Here are the Notion Database Views that we have available today on the platform:

  • Table: This is the default view and shows all the notion database items in a table view with a row for each database item and a column for each database’s properties.
Notion Database Views: Table
  • Board: The Board View shows the notion of database items similar to what we could have on a whiteboard, especially a Kanban board or similar, where you will have different columns based on the possible values for one of the fields of your database. Each column will have all the database items with weight for this specific property selected. The main usages for this view are Task Tracking or Item Categorization and for these use cases is important the new status property added recently to notion
Notion Database Views: Board
  • Timeline: The Timeline notion database view shows the tasks in a Gantt chart when you have one row for each job, and it will show in a Gantt chart when you can select a date property you want to use. You can also choose if you’re going to specify two dates, one for a start and another for the end of this specific notion database item. As you can imagine, the primary use case is for project management. You can read more about this on the official web page here.
Notion Database Views: Timeline
  • Calendar: Calendar Notion Database View is similar to the timeline but much more high-level. It represents the old calendar all families had in the kitchen and where they add all the specific events that will happen on a particular date such as doctor appointments or friend visits or as it will occur on this case, item data due or creation or update of the notion database item.
Notion Database Views: Calendar
  • List: This is the most simple notion database view because it is just as it sounds. A list with the notion database items you have only with the title, and you can select the one you want to see in detail.
Notion Database Views: List
  • Gallery: This is a notion database view that shows the database items as cards where you can select the card size and the picture that each card will show based on one of the image properties you have inside your notion database items.
Notion Database Views: Gallery

Which Notion Database View is Better For You?

There is no answer to this question, and the great thing is that you will not need to answer this question ever because each of the notion databases allows having several views on different types associated with your notion database.

So, depending on what you are doing with the database at this specific time, you can select the best view that will work best for you without needing to re-do anything or re-configure it. Just one click away, as is shown in the picture below:

Notion Database Views: Switching Views

You can create different notion database views for various types or even separate notion database views with the same kind but different configurations.

Notion Database Views Capabilities

Each of the customization options is specific for each of the views. Still, some options are always available, such as filtering the items so you can use a database view for a subset of the total notion database items that your notion database has.

But on top of that, each of the views will have some customization option that is specific and makes sense for this particular visualization, so take your time to take a look at all the customization options because it will allow you to improve the view and be more efficient on the usage of it.