Notion Adoption Series: #1 Introduction

Notion Adoption Series: #1 Introduction | Img 61Ed12Ec1B636

Follow me in the journey of adoption of Notion as my main task for content writing for personal and work duties.

Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

As probably some of you already know, I am a person that likes to try new tools to optimize my workflows. Each minute or even each second that we can save it is a second that we can use for other task or matters and this is why I am starting this (hopefully long) series of post: Documenting the feedback of my Notion adoption.

Probably some of you already know and use Notion, but it is a flexible tool focusing on content creation for those who don\’t know. It is similar to a note-taking app such as OneNote, EverNote, and others similar, but it goes beyond that.

And maybe you are asking yourself: What do you plan to do in this series of blog posts? Pretty much trying to document everything regarding this shift. I am usually using several tools to take notes depending on the need. Mainly Apple Notes for the typing ones, which I am going to replace, but the idea is to try to widen the scope of tasks that I am collecting on this kind of tool using the flexibility of notion.

So, for a start, I will go with the Installation process. Notion is available pretty much for any platform you can imagine: desktop or mobile devices, even web access. You just need to go to the official web page ( and select your platform.

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Initial impressions after the start

Logging it is smooth as any other modern tool. It provides integration with Google Account or Apple Account or creates a non-synchronized account based on your email.

After that, you get a page with some content already populate to help you move forward and start using the tool:

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The initial page of Notion

I appreciate that, but I am not a target user of this kind of thing. I defend the idea that apps are like jokes: if you need to explain it, it is not good.

So I’ll try to find my way to understand and get the best of the tools. I rely on content created around the tool, but this will be after I am aware of the basics and feeling more comfortable with the tool.

Template Catalog

One of the powerful things about Notion is the templates: There are many templates to pretty any task that you can imagine: From meeting notes to project management activities and different kinds of them: free or paid. So it is a world on its own.

When you click on the Template button, you will get an initial set of templates grouped by the main categories: Design, Education, Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, and Personal.

And inside each of these categories, you will see several templates, as you can see in the picture below:

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Template selection page and catalog


This is the first article to show the impressions. The next one is to share my initial view after a week of constant usage and see if I can adapt to this tool and see the benefits of this new approach. Keep posted for updates regarding this.