New Fancy Notion Number Visualization Options in Release August 2022


In this post, we will cover all the new options we have regarding notion number visualization with a particular focus on the recently added new capabilities in this area.

Another month has gone by, and that means that a new Notion release has arrived on our computer and mobile devices today; they have a great new feature to launch new Notion number visualization for the number properties in our databases.

Until today when we would like to add a number property, we can select several Notion number visualization, but all of them are related to the same concept. We will always go to see a number, but this number can be formatted in a different way depending on the Notion number visualization option we choose.

For example, we have a lot of different formats mainly to show the number as another type of currency such as the dollar, euro, pounds, or any other of your choice. On top of that, we can also select percent as the Notion number visualization or number with commas. But as commented, they all were around how the number would be formatted.

New Notion Number Visualization Options

But, now, the Notion number visualization in notion has gone one step beyond that. Starting on release August 2022, we can select that our numbers will be shown in two different graphical representations of the number: Progress Bar or Ring to show the progress of the property from 0 to a maximum that we select on the definition of the property as you can see in the picture below:

Notion Number Visualization in Table View

To select this option, you need to go to the property view of the number property you want to choose, and you will see there three different Notion number visualization under the label “Show as”:

New Fancy Notion Number Visualization Options in Release August 2022 |

Configuration for Notion Number Visualization

Once you select each of the graphical ones, you see other properties that you can configure on your end:

New Fancy Notion Number Visualization Options in Release August 2022 |
  • Color: we can select the color of the bar or the fill of the ring we would like to use based on the usual color palette available in your Notion workspace.
  • Divide by: This is the number of the maximum range where it will be considered completed. If we are referring to the Ring, it is the value that will show the ring as filled and if it is a progress bar is where the bar will be completed.
  • Show number: You can select if you want to show only the graphical Notion number visualization as we showed in the initial picture of this post, but also we can offer the graphic element alongside the actual number so you can have benefits of both things: The visual representation to get a quick look about the status of the component and at the same time the actual number representation as well.

The properties are the same for both Notion number visualization options such as Ring and Progress Bar. Also, it is essential to notice that this can be applied to Formula property types that render a number as the result of the formula used. And for sure, this can be applied for any notion database view you select for your database.

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This again increases the capabilities that you have at your disposal to show information in a graphical way to get a quicker, more efficient perspective of the data that you have available at first sight without needing to dig or use more than the required time.

This is just one of the updates that come with the release of August 2022, and you can read about the rest of the updates included in this release here, as well as any past or new releases that will come shortly here.