Discovering the Power of Automation: Integrations in Notion

Discover how you can enhance the power of notion by using and creating integrations

I have been using Notion for a while, as you know, and between ups and downs, I am trying to use it more in-depth daily, and I found a great hack to help me on that process: Automation.

I am not a good person for keeping everything organized and stored in a single place, so I need as much help as possible. That makes everything that automates part of the process for me a great tool. And Notion has a lot of ways to do so.

Notion embraces the concept of collaboration and API-led from its technical perspective. That means that it provides the tools to help other tools integrate with the tool as needed exposing an API so any developer can code integration with any tool or feature it wants.

Notion has a web page covering in detail this topic, and it has different categories for this integration:

  • Link Preview: That means that each time you add a component to your page or database, it will show the link, inspect the content, and provide relevant information. This is enabled for several tools such as JIRA, Slack, GitHub, or ASANA and helps us to simplify the collaboration between both tools.
  • Automation Workflow: When you change the status of an item in your Notion Database, you can trigger an action such as sending an email, generating an event in your calendar, or anything that you could need. This is enabled by tools such as Zapier, Make, or
  • Import Data: That will simplify the action of including data inside Notion to keep different applications in sync or just helping harvest information, so you don’t need to do it manually.

The Notion team themselves creates some extensions and others than have been created by partners that are available to everyone to use. But most importantly, as I would like to comment, you have the option to build your own to do exactly what you need. And this is what I did, and I will show you in the following posts on this series.

For today, I only wanted to let you know about integrations and how that can help us on our daily usage of Notion to extend the tool’s power, but I will give you a sneak peek at what my new integration does.

I have created a Medium Importer for Notion that will help have all the posts that I do in my medium account populate a database in Notion, providing its ID, title, tags, URL.

The goal of this integration is to have in my “control-center” all data regarding stats and earnings for each post, as you can see in the picture below:

Discovering the Power of Automation: Integrations in Notion | notion 1024x638 1

If you want to take a look and you don’t want to wait until my next post on this series, you can take a look at this GitHub repo where I have uploaded the source code, such as the binary, so you can also use it if you want it: