Auto-Filled Notion Capability: Excel Hack But In Notion!


We continue with the releases from Notion, and today, we will cover the auto-filled notion capability. This is one of the capabilities that we are expecting for because several reasons:

The first one, the clearest, because this is a fantastic feature that will help us improve our productivity, is working with Table Notion Database Views.

The second one that is also relevant for this case is because for most of the people coming to Notion from some time, using Microsoft Excel is an action that is wholly interiorized to you to simplify the filling of the different rows or, in this case, Notion Pages. We are talking about the Auto-Filled Notion Capability, of course.

To explain what we were talking about when we talked about the Auto-Filled Notion Capability, we are covering the way to automatically fill a set of Notion properties based on the value in one row by just dragging the bottom right border of the cell down to cover the rest of the cells we would like to fill with the same value. If you have been using Microsoft Excel for a while, I am sure you know what you are talking about, because we are hearing over and over on different social media the question: How can you auto-fill fields in Notion Databases? Well, now we have a very competitive answer to that question.

Auto-Filled Notion Capability Experience

And the great thing is that the experience of implementing this Auto-Filled Notion Capability feels so natural and well integrated into the everyday work you do with your Notion Databases and Pages. As commented, the approach is very similar. You will notice that because as soon as you hover the mouse cursor on this button right border of the property in your Notion Table view, you will see how your cursor change to be this bi-directional vertical arrow cursor that tries to explain to you the work that you can do at this stage as you can see in the picture below:

Auto-Filled Notion Capability
Auto-Filled Notion Capability

To make it even easier, you will see a tooltip if you leave the cursor in that position for a while that explains the behavior showing the message that you can see in the picture above: “Drag vertically to fill value,” and as soon as you do that, you will see how the selected properties change its value if they already have some or include the importance of these cells were previously empty.

To explain it better, let’s see the following animation from the official page covering this excellent feature:

More Capabilities

So, this Auto-Filled Notion Capability is included in the set of newer capabilities provided recently by Notion after the August release to be more productive on the process of filling and introducing information to your database page, such as others already covering on this site like the Notion Board Card Editable and so much more that they are including recently.

That is also a reminder and how open you need to adapt and improve your workflows on Notion as soon as they include new features and capabilities to always squeeze at the top of all the options that this excellent tool provides you. And at the same time, this is also a challenge for all the thousands of people that are creating their apps inside notion and designing templates because it requires regular work to keep it updated with each release to make sure that its users and doing the best possible use to it and also using at the maximum of this capabilities.

I hope this content has been helpful for you, and don’t forget to check about other similar content on the site to make sure you keep updated at the pace that is releasing new features to the wild!